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The World's Greatest Growing Machine (tm) is a feature packed, state-of-the-art, hydroponic growing platform that combines the best features of hydroponic methods that have evolved over the last 50 years within the hydroponic industry. Our systems are designed by professional engineers, utilizing modern CAD/CAM systems with Computerized Numeric Code (CNC) production technology, and assembled in the USA by craftsmen who take pride in their workmanship. If you are considering entry into the amazing world of Hydroponics, we encourage you to take the time to carefully study our website, compare our design with our competition, and learn why The World's Greatest Growing Machine (tm) has become the standard against which all other hydroponic systems are judged.

Our systems are the result of logical, common-sense attention to the details. Our thorough understanding of the art and science of hydroponics, combined with an exacting approach to design and production, has allowed our engineers to eliminate the problems that plague the inferior system designs that are so common within the industry. We don't need to rely upon pseudo-scientific jargon, or other wild, exotic claims to sell our products to naive or inexperienced users. Take the time to read about our systems. The logic of our design is indisputable, and whether you are brand new to the wonderful world of hydroponics, or a seasoned grower, you will recognize the efficiency of our elegant design. Resist the tendency to be intimidated by our extensive feature list. We have carefully designed our expertise into our product to create The World's Easiest Growing Machine (tm). It is truly a plug-and-play system so easy that grade school children operate it with great success.

Our modular design is the only truly scalable system on the market. This feature allows the grower to tailor their system's size to their individual needs without regard to reservoir volume. Each time a GrowTube is added into the system, a reservoir section is also added into the reservoir so that, no matter how large a system you assemble, the ratio of plants to reservoir volume remains constant. This patented concept allows any size system...from 1 to 1000 plants...to be assembled by simply adding GrowTubes into the system. Additional Expansion Modules, which are fully assembled GrowTubes including a reservoir section, may be added into the system to expand the unit in the future with no reduction in system performance and no additional reservoirs required.  In addition to customized sizing  with the addition of Expansion Modules, the GrowTubes themselves can be optionally shortened by the user or at our factory. If your space limitations are critical, or you want custom GrowTube lengths to meet your states plant number requirements, our flexible design will meet your needs. Custom length GrowTubes may be ordered with your new system, or have their lengths altered any time after delivery by following the easy instructions in the comprehensive Owner's Manual. No other system features this patented flexibility.

Our patented internal Grow Mode baffle system allows the grower to control the drain rate and nutrient depth independently for each GrowTube. Whether you intend to grow a variety of different plants in the same system, wish to experiment with system root zone parameters, or simply have a preferred growing methodology, the baffle system will meet your needs. Each baffle comes factory configured to support our optimized Hybrid growing method, combining emitterless drip nutrient application with an NFT (nutrient film technology) root zone environment. The baffle may be easily adjusted by the user without tools. In addition, each Grow Mode baffle may be easily removed and modified by the operator for custom drain or fluid level profiles. This feature creates the most flexible hydroponic design in existence, allowing the system to be configured to support all popular methods of growing including FLOOD, EBB and FLOW, NFT, DRIP, or AEROPONIC. Our systems all come configured in the optimized Hybrid mode, which combines the best features of the most popular growing methods, and requires no changes for normal use. While the unit comes fully tuned and ready to run, you may rest assured that it's flexibility will support any method you choose in the future. If you are new to hydroponics you will appreciate the intelligence designed into the system with the default Hybrid growing mode. You will grow like an expert from day one, since the expertise is designed into the unit. If you are an experienced grower, you will appreciate the ability to tune your system to meet your specific requirements.

All systems come complete with our popular valve package. This feature allows for automatic reservoir filtering, powered reservoir mixing and recirculation while adjusting pH or nutrient levels, and the pump overboard feature which allows for fast, labor saving reservoir changes under pump power. Because pH control is vitally important to success in hydroponics, we've built-in the ability to do the work of mixing the reservoir under pump power. Click here to read about the importance of mixing and pH control. Inferior hydroponic systems compensate for poor design and component selection by using oversize reservoirs. Unfortunately, this causes its own problem by creating a reservoir that requires too much effort to mix properly. Clearly, if the user doesn't mix the reservoir completely, then measurements such as pH or nutrient concentration (ppm) will be inaccurate. Once the reservoir does completely mix while it is running, the measured value of pH or nutrient level will be different from what the user has set. This behavior is why many systems appear to be unstable and difficult to maintain. Additionally, the real harm done by operating in this manner is that the plants are subjected to the improperly set nutrient solution while they run, which damages the crop and reduces the yield...or worse. Our pump-powered, automatic mixing does the work for the operator. By putting the valve system in MIX mode, all the work is done for you by the pump. Simply measure the reservoir conditions until the value remains constant, and rest assured that the system is completely mixed. When combined with our pH neutral component design, the system remains rock-solid and stable.

Because all growers are busy, the tendency to put off occasional reservoir changes is tempting. We've all been there, so our engineers included the ability to do fast reservoir changes under pump power instead of gravity, even allowing the operator to drain 'uphill' to a higher elevation. Since the system can pump the reservoir contents uphill, no floor drain is required in the grow room, and growers are no longer limited to locations allowing for the drainage of their systems. In addition, the reservoir change process is fast, since the pump does the work instead of gravity. The use of a bi-directional hose port allows the system to be drained and filled through the same port with no change in the hose connection. This means you can just leave the hose permanently attached if desired. This port can also be used to hook multiple systems together to operate as one large system, doing all of the reservoir changes and refills in one operation.

The final feature of our valve package is to protect the crop during reservoir changes or adjustments by isolating the plants from the reservoir. By isolating the crop from the reservoir, we have eliminated the very common problem of damage caused by exposure to improper nutrient and pH levels. Our Feed valve ensures that all mixing is done local to the reservoir. preventing crop damage while mixing. Only once the reservoir contents are completely mixed is the crop fed.

While it may sound complex, operation of the valve system is elegantly simple. It operates as a simple, one-of-three selector for the power of the pump. The unit is either mixing, pumping overboard, or feeding. The system spends most of the time in FEED mode, and requires no valve operation at all. Only during reservoir changes or nutrient adjustments do the valves need to be adjusted, and even then they are simply ON or OFF. So easy even a child can do it...and they do.

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