System Information (continued) - The burden of laborious reservoir changes...required every several weeks, depending on grow methodology...is a thing of the past. Simply connect an ordinary garden hose to the QuickConnect hose port, select "pump overboard", and turn on the pump.  The unit will empty in one-fifth the time required under gravity alone. When the reservoir is empty simply turn off the pump, connect the 'drain' end of your hose to the remote water source, and back-fill the system through the QuickConnect port...all without having to change the hose, and without further attention.

The valve system also allows the pump to provide automatic mixing and filtering of the reservoir tank while nutrients and buffers are being added...which will ensure that growth parameter measurements (ppm, pH, etc.) are accurate. Since pH fluctuations are the primary cause of plant failures, the ability to accurately measure system pH levels and nutrient concentrations is crucial to optimum performance. The World's Greatest Growing Machine's (tm) ability to mix locally within the reservoir, without subjecting the plants to the nutrient solution being adjusted, is critical. Our system's powered mixing within the reservoir protects the crop from certain damage caused by improperly stabilized solutions. Want more information on mixing? 

The addition of a simple filter to the recirculation/mixing line within the reservoir filters particulates while it circulates and mixes. This, in combination with the lightproof design, results in the nutrient solution remaining absolutely clean throughout the life of the plant...regardless of your reservoir change frequency.

The Mother/Closet system forms the basis for a larger system when combined with additional GrowTubes. The addition of two Expansion Modules results in the Hobbyist System.

The Hobbyist System is the perfect size for many home grow areas. It allows excellent production in a modest area. When volume production becomes important, the addition of a second Hobbyist 33 system creates our Pro 66 System. By supporting Continuous Harvest, the Pro System's support of staggered growth cycles minimizes labor while allowing harvest of 33 plants every 50-60 days.

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