System Information (continued)- We've carried the advantages of modular design into the assembly of our systems. Our units are industrial strength and free standing...requiring no additional external support...and feature five minute assembly/disassembly without tools...while remaining watertight and without the use of sealants. All internal and external surfaces are easily accessible for cleaning.

Each plant site is supported by a dedicated internal feed line directly connected to a custom turbulent-flow emitterless FeedStake. This proprietary stake eliminates the troublesome emitters, misters, and jets required in other systems. The turbulent flow, wide-port aerates the steady flow of nutrient solution as it is deposited at the base of each plant. We've even eliminated the frustration of removing the stake by replacing the typical barbed connection with a threaded connection.  The included three inch diameter plastic NetPot plant containers are the industry standard...easily available locally...and are locked into the GrowTubes with our proprietary PotLocks...eliminating a common problem in reduced medium systems...lack of mechanical plant support for the base of the plant. By locking the baskets into the GrowTubes, the plants are provided with all of the mechanical support of a plant growing in dirt...perfect for top-heavy fruiting plants that typically require external support in hydroponic systems. Our PotLocks also allow for relocation of entire GrowTubes at will, without plant disruption. Transplant shock, and the related loss of productivity due to recovery, is a thing of the past.

Our unique assembly methods and  exclusive PotLocks allow entire GrowTubes to be moved at will ...without disrupting the plants. This eliminates the 'transplant shock' common with other systems. When operating in continuous harvest setups, this capability allows individual GrowTubes to be freely moved from the cloning station, through the vegetative growth area, and onto the flowering area... without requiring the plant to be removed from the GrowTube. Systems employing continuous harvest methods, where the crop is relocated through the different grow areas, are capable of producing a complete crop every 50-60 days (your mileage may vary).

The use of food grade, ultra violet stabilized PVC components assures a bio-stabilized root environment that inhibits mold, fungus, and algae formation...dramatically reducing insect problems. Excellent clearance between the rows allows access for individual plant maintenance regardless of system size, and plant health is enhanced by the excellent air circulation throughout the open system.

The modular design allows any size system to be assembled. Because the reservoir is automatically expanded with the addition of each new GrowTube, the system efficiency is not effected by the units size. Systems of 1 to 1000 plants all have virtually the same amount of reservoir per plant. New systems may be ordered with any number of GrowTubes, and the optional MatingRing allows for future system expansion.

Overall system  efficiency results in the lowest overall operating cost of any hydroponic design on the market.  Not only is The World's Greatest Growing Machine (tm) the easiest to operate and maintain, but it is also the most productive in the long run.

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