More Information on Mixing - The growth process is simple, but must be correctly understood in order to succeed. Plants will prosper, in the absence of pests, when supplied with sufficient quantities of light, water, fresh air, and a short list of nutrients. When these few items are made available to the plants in an environment which enables their consumption, then the crop can not help but flourish.
With that in mind, one buys a competent nutrient supply, mixes it with clean water, supplies plenty of light and fresh air. However, one critical component is missing .... perhaps the most important. Until you have ensured the proper pH for the root zone, you are doomed to fail. Proper mixing is a critical step in ensuring the proper pH, and therefore, is vital to the operation and maintenance of most hydroponics systems. Nutrient uptake by the plants is dependant upon two major controls: nutrient concentrations (PPM) and pH. Healthy plants require both the correct nutrient concentrations, and a pH value that is in the range required by the plant to allow for the uptake of the nutrients. Want more information on pH?
Mixing plays a vital role in ensuring that PPM and pH measurements are accurate. Failing to mix properly is a common problem .... resulting in local parameter variations within the tank. Crop health is vitally linked to the thoroughness of the mixing .... known as the 'quality' of the mix. Without proper mixing, all system measurements, both state measurements and 'delta' values, will be unreliable. Fundamental science prescribes that accurate measurement precedes precise control. Few statements could be as applicable to the science of hydroponic gardening. In order to precisely (and easily) control both the pH and the nutrient concentrations, one must MIX! A properly mixed reservoir may reliably have system parameters accurately measured and altered as desired. This simple understanding will guarantee your ability to grow successfully.
Countless hydroponic gardeners have suffered endless chasing of pH or nutrient ppm values, not realizing that they simply were not obtaining accurate measurements of these parameters due to inadequate mixing. Improper mixing is a very expensive problem, leading to wasted time, nutrients, and pH buffers .... and of course immeasurable loss of productivity with the crop. In practice, an improperly mixed reservoir results in pH and nutrient concentrations set improperly. This improperly set reservoir mixture is then distributed to the plants. Only after several feedings of the plants has the reservoir been mixed enough to finally stabilize the values. By now the crop has been subjected to the trauma of an improperly stabilized solution, causing pH lockup, and  resulting in the well known nutrient deficiencies.
The World's Greatest Growing Machine (tm) solves this problem with two specific design features. First, our powered filter/mix capability allows the reservoir to be continuously recalculated under pump power to ensure a perfect mix. This guarantees accurate measurement and precise control of the reservoir state. Second, the entire recirculation/mix takes place totally within the reservoir. This ensures that no improperly stabilized nutrient solutions are presented to the crop before the correct state has been established. These two design features, along with the pH stability of the system and the reduced volume of growing medium, allow our systems to be extremely stable and easy to control .... virtually guaranteeing your success.
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