Our largest standard unit is the Pro 66 System. Consisting of two independent Hobbyist 33 Systems, this offering supports operation as either one large 66 plant system, or two independent 33 plant systems that support a continuous harvest setup.  This allows a harvest of 33 plants every 50-60 days. Continuous harvest shortens the growth cycle and allows several more crop cycles per year. The units may be connected at the QuickConnect hose port and put on the same pump circuit, allowing operation together as one large system. The flexibility of two independent systems also allows the units to be turned end-to-end and pushed together if desired, for an extremely high plant density in a very small foot print.


North American Hydroponics' flagship system is the Hobbyist 33. Offering production without equal in a cost effective and efficient footprint, with power- house yield in an expandable, scalable unit. When your needs demand expansion, the addition of a second Hobbyist 33 creates our standard Pro 66 system. By stepping up to a continuous harvest setup with the Pro 66 System, the second system allows efficiencies in production beyond a mere doubling of the number of plants. Staggering the growth cycles, maintenance, and harvest allows an efficiency of operation that is unsurpassed in convenience and productivity.

The Hobbyist 18 unit, shown at left, offers production levels on a square foot basis equivalent to our larger designs, yet fits into a conveniently small foot print of slightly over 4x4 ft. While the larger Hobbyist 33 fits perfectly in 4x8 ft. Grow Tents, the smaller Hobbyist 18 fits in 4x4 ft. tents. All of the Continuous Harvest and configuration features of the larger models are also available on the Hobbyist 18.


The Mother/Closet system is very popular among growers with more modest production requirements, or users choosing to use an existing closet space in lieu of a larger dedicated growing area. The long narrow footprint of the Mother/Closet system allows it to be turned sideways, and neatly fit into a standard closet. Offering all of the features of its big brothers, it is the perfect choice for a completely self-contained growing system for dedicated support of a Mother plant, used as a source of cuttings to be used in a larger system. Clean running and pH neutral, these systems offer long lasting support for years of continuous cuttings generation.

The Mother/Closet 6 system represents the ultimate in compact efficiency, fully supporting 6 plants in the most modest of spaces.  This system, along with the Hobbyist 18, shows how our scalable GrowTubes may be optionally cut down for a shorter system supporting fewer plants. This easy process is detailed in our comprehensive owner's manual, and only takes about 15 minutes to accomplish. Like all of our systems, it may be expanded in the future with the addition of our Expansion Modules, which expand the unit with the addition of reservoir sections and  GrowTubes.

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